[Marxism] Reader criticizes, Militant reaffirms Jew-hatred slander of antiwar movement, many others

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 26 07:56:01 MDT 2004

Thanks to Fred Feldman for pointing this article out. While travelling on
the Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba, yet another project opposed by the
SWP and its militant-sounding publication, I'd failed to maintain my usual
vigilant monitoring of the publication I sold for so many years on campus
and in front of plant gates as it hurtles to the political right.

It will be interesting in the future to see if Steve Gabosch's enthusiasm
for defending The Militant remains as strong now as in the past.

The claim that opposition to US foreign policy is anti-Semitic, however, is
one of the basic props of Zionist propaganda. It's been observed many
times, and not only by me, that the Socialist Workers Party of the USA
has been hurtling to the political right for several years now. The SWP's
opposition to the rescue of Elian Gonzalez echoed the right-wing who also
opposed the rescue. The SWP's bizarre pre-occupation with the scourge 
of "anti-American demagogy" which swept the Spanish electorate and
which resulted in the withdrawal of Spanish troops from the so-called
"coalition" created in the State Department press offices, as well as the
SWP's characterization of Hugo Chavez as a bonapartist, and its virulent
opposition to Jean-Bertrand Aristide all have a linked logic in the tragic
rightward drift of this formerly self-designated "revolutionary party".

Whoops! I nearly forgot to mention the SWP's vilification of the Iraqi
resistance as "remnants of Saddam's regime" and the SWP's militant
support for what it claimed to see as "civic space" which Washington 
had created for the sales of its newspapers in front of the garment and
meat-packing shops in US-occupied Iraq. Yes, friends, this all has quite
a deadly and tragic logic.

Walter Lippmann
Currently in Arcata, California 
for at least 90 more minutes.

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