[Marxism] Some doubts from an outsider about theNader-Camejoticket

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 26 08:58:19 MDT 2004

Fred Feldman <ffeldman at bellatlantic.net> wrote: > That is, the Greens do not emerge by any stretch of the imagination as an >alternative to a working-class politics, even to a failed, fundamentally >imperialist workinhg-class politics such as that represented, at least in part, >by the German SPD. This is a party founded (even partially today) on the
>workers movement of the German nation.

During the 80's when the elder Bush was visiting Germany, the motorcade he was riding in was pelted with fruit, by German spectators. One of the German Green leaders, I think it was Petra Kelley condemned this attack on Bush. It turns out she was riding in that motorcade! The German Greens never claimed to be a working class alternative to the German Social Democrats. They started out as middle class eco-freaks, who like their US counterparts of the same ilk could have cared less about working class issues. I'm not lumping those of the radical ecological movement in the same category. There is a difference.
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