[Marxism] Some doubts from an outsider about theNader-Camejoticket

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jun 26 09:20:12 MDT 2004

paul bunyan wrote:
> During the 80's when the elder Bush was visiting Germany, the motorcade he was riding in was pelted with fruit, by German spectators. One of the German Green leaders, I think it was Petra Kelley condemned this attack on Bush. It turns out she was riding in that motorcade! The German Greens never claimed to be a working class alternative to the German Social Democrats. They started out as middle class eco-freaks, who like their US counterparts of the same ilk could have cared less about working class issues. I'm not lumping those of the radical ecological movement in the same category. There is a difference.

Although I have very sharp criticism's of James P. Cannon's 
party-building methodology, there is one thing he said once (and always 
acted on) that seems essential to me. He said the art of politics is 
knowing what to do next. *What to do next*.

In the long march toward socialist revolution in the USA, the Green 
Party represents a fitful effort toward breaking the two-party monopoly 
in the USA. This two-party system is critical in the maintaining of 
class rule in the USA, just as the pro-slavery parties of the 1800s 
were. The Democrats and the Whigs both supported slavery and ran against 
each other more on the basis of tactical disagreements--just as Kerry 
and Bush run today.

In the period leading up to the civil war, there were efforts to break 
this stranglehold but none as successful as the revolutionary democratic 
party that was led by Abe Lincoln. The Free Soil Party was the best 
known, but I am sure that Mark Lause can identify others. Such parties 
would have received the encouragement of those opposed to slavery no 
matter their defects. The same thing is true with respect to the Greens 

If by some miracle, left-leaning labor officials today decided that it 
was necessary to run their own candidates and nominated somebody like 
the leader of the janitor's strike in Los Angeles for President, it 
would be incumbent to throw our weight behind that campaign. A Green 
Party run under those conditions would be not only a diversion, but an 
obstacle to independent working class action. But to counterpose *the 
idea* of such a campaign right now to the reality of a Nader-Camejo 
campaign is a mistake.

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