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NEW BOOKS now available from THE MERLIN PRESS


PERRY ANDERSON, Marxism and the New Left Paul Blackledge

For over forty years Perry Anderson, has been one of the most 
influential figures on the intellectual Left. Through his writings, his 
publishing, his editing of New Left Review, and teaching at UCLA, he has 
introduced and disseminated a range of European Marxist opinion to the 
English speaking world: Deutscher, Gramsci, Sartre, Lukács, Althusser, 
Poulantzas, to name a few. His own books are seminal contributions to 
political theory. This survey of Anderson’s works explores a myriad of 
political writings, considers the evolution of an influential current of 
New Left thinking from the 1960’s onwards, and reviews its engagement 
with critical theorists such as Brenner, Fukuyama and Jameson.

--A critical survey of Marxist and Post-Modernist theories

--Explains New Left evolutions: from revolutions in the 1960’s - to the 
post-modernist, third way 1990’s

“an impressively clear, concise, well-structured, and generally balanced 
intellectual biography of one of the central figures in post-war British 
Marxism” Dr Gregory Elliot

ISBN 0 85036 532 5 GB Pounds Pbk 16.95

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Why America Went to War in the Gulf

by Stephen C. Pelletière

Stephen C. Pelletière is the author of The Kurds: An Unstable Element in 
the Gulf. He was the Central Intelligence Agency's senior political 
analyst on Iraq throughout the Iran-Iraq War.

Did the United States go to war against Iraq in both 1991 and 2003 to 
secure control of oil from the Persian Gulf?

This book explains:

--How the Persian Gulf came under the control of a coercive cartel with 
benefits for members that were denied to outsiders.

--The history of the oil system that evolved in the United States: its 
roots in Pennsylvania, through Texas "wildcatters" and the dominance of 
Standard Oil barons.

--The central role of oil in conflicts in Central Asia

--The introduction and conclusion address the motivations behind the 
most recent war in Iraq.

Pbk ISBN 0 85036 551 1 GB Pounds 14.95

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Edited by:

Leo Panitch, Colin Leys, Alan Zuege and Martijn Konings

Over the past decade the contributors to Socialist Register have been 
widely recognised as providing the most distinctive investigations on 
the left today of the contradictions of globalisation, the 
internationalisation of the state, progressive competitiveness, the new 
imperialism and popular global mobilisations against it.

This anthology provides:

--The most searching analyses of the political, economic and cultural 
contradictions of globalisation available – essential reading for 
students in troubled times

--The best set of readings on the role of states - and especially the 
American state - in making globalisation happen, and on the problems 
they now confront in trying to keep it going.

ISBN 0 85036 516 3 GB Pounds 16.95 pbk

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also available, published for the editors by VIVEKA, India


Editors: Jai Sen, Anita Anand, Arturo Escobar, Peter Waterman.

A critical anthology of essays on the theory and practice of the Forum, 
with essays by wo/men from many parts of the world, with many different 
points of view.

An event and an open space for debate and discussion. A forum for the 
articulation of alternatives embodied in the call, "Another World is 
Possible !" A process of continuous promotion, expansion, and protection 
of the open space by and for millions of people worldwide. The World 
Social Forum has indeed progressed from the unprecedented event it was 
in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in January 2001 when 25,000 to 30,000 people 
came to challenge the World Economic Forum being held during those very 
days in Davos, Switzerland.

Reading through the thoughtful discussions of those that have seen and 
experienced the evolution of the Forum, I am amazed at how easily I turn 
to my experiences in the women's movement to understand the questions 
now being raised. To achieve our dream of "another world," why don't we 
take greater control of the discussions, strategise together and 
methodically work on a plan to bring about that change ? Why not create 
a movement or an organisation ? How do we involve more people and groups 
worldwide in the process without really directing the process?

Forty writers and organisations have contributed to this collection 

CONTENT - Forewords - Section 1: Antecedents: Critical Perspectives - 
Section 2: Diaries: The Experience Of The Wsf - Proem- Anita Anand - 
Section 3: Critical Engagements: The World Social Forum - Section 4: 
Globalising The Forum: The Forum In India - Section 5: Looking Beyond- 
Possible Futures, Possible Worlds - Glossary - References - Indexes.

Readership: General, Academic, Library Keywords: WORLD SOCIAL FORUM, 
POST-CAPITALISM, SOLIDARITY 241x 180mm; xxviii+402pp. EAN: 9788188251179 
Published 1.7.04

Published for the editors by VIVEKA, ISBN 81 88251 17 8

GB Pounds 19.00 inc post in the UK;

GB Pounds 20.00 inc post to continental Europe and N America.

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Larkin, Connolly and the Dublin Labour Movement


Senior lecturer in the School of History and Cultural Studies, Bath Spa 
University College,

REBEL CITY is a study of the great labour revolt in Ireland and of the 
development of Irish trade unionism and syndicalism. It focuses on the 
relationship between Larkin and the Dublin labour movement, and 
considers the influence of syndicalism and Marxism in the theory and 
activity of James Connolly.

Newsinger studies the condition of the Irish Labour in the years running 
up to the start of World War One: social, economic and cultural 
conditions, the influence of the Church, gender relations and the 
campaign for women’s suffrage, the ideology of the republican movement, 
and developing traditions of labour solidarity and militancy. He 
chronicles the organisation of the Irish Transport and General Workers 
Union, [ITGWU] and the impact of the IRISH WORKER newspaper.

1913 and 1914 were crucial years in Irish history: Newsinger considers 
the Dublin lockouts, [also studied by Yeates]. He puts these events in 
context looking at the relationship between the ITGWU and the Irish 
Volunteers, the impact of WW1, the formation of the Citizen Army, 
relations with the British Labour Movement, and Connolly’s links with to 
the Irish Republican Brotherhood. He discusses Sean O’Casey’s views of 
this period and offers new perspectives on the Lock-outs defeat of 
1913-14, on the political trajectory of James Connolly, and on the role 
of the working class in the Easter uprising of 1916.

ISBN 0 85036 518 X Pbk GB Pounds 14.95

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Also available edited by JOHN NEWSINGER:

UNITED IRISHMAN, The Autobiography of James Hope

"a little gem of a book" SOCIALIST REVIEW

085036 496 5 GB Pounds 14.95


LEFT HISTORY Volume Nine, Number One Fall/Winter 2004


"To Train a Wild Bird": E.F. Wilson, Hegemony, and Native Industrial 
Education at the Shingwauk and Wawanosh Residential Schools, 1873-1893, 
Sharon Wall

"They'll Think I'm an Indian Won't They?": Colonial Capitalism and 
Primitivist Fantasy in Tierra del Fuego, 1832-1996, Paul Magee

Working With Figures: Industrial Measurement as Hegemonic Discourse, 
James P. Hull

Leon Trotsky: Planet Without a Visa,Bryan D. Palmer

Review Essay Cultural Politics Then and Now, Kent Worcester

222x146 mm; about 230pp, EU publication 1.4.2004

ISSN 1192-1927 Pbk GB Pounds 4.95

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