[Marxism] Hitchens on Fahrenheit 911

Scotlive at aol.com Scotlive at aol.com
Sat Jun 26 17:56:04 MDT 2004

Hitchens was accurately referred to by Tariq Ali as a casualty of 9-11. His 
one-eighty degree turnaround from liberla commentator into an attack dog for 
the ruling class is nothing new for left-leaning liberals, reformists, those who 
hold that the so-called democratic institutions are intrinsically good, while 
being subject on occasion to bad adminstrations.

His opinions are hardly worth considering by Marxists. There is no 
ideological foundation to either him or his flatulant rants. He is an opportunist, like 
so many enjoying an inflated importance and a career on the back of 9-11.

He is a sheep in sheep's clothing.



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