[Marxism] Good news coming out of Baghdad!

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 27 03:27:17 MDT 2004

The patriotic editors of the Socialist Workers Part (USA)'s weekly 
viewspaper, THE MILITANT, in its forward march each week is
continuing providing us with reports of the progress which is
being regularly made by the US ruling class. Happy days!

The SWP, fighters against "anti-American demagogy" among the
unruly rabble electorate on the Iberian peninsula, also defenders 
of Miami kidnappers' rights, enthusiastic proponents of nuclear
power as the way to achieve the electrification of the third world
countries in which it has a relatively modest audience (on a world-
historic scale), relentlessly provides us with regular reports on the
progress which the US is making in Iraq. It's really so thrilling for 
patriotic readers in the United States of America to read all of the
good news about how much progress Washington has made in its
effort to install a stable stooge regime in Baghdad. It helps us to
better understand why we don't want or need any petty anti-war
movement right here in these very United States of America.

Just as Bush keeps on a-telling us, things are peachy-keeno in
Baghdad right about now with no resistance at all to the great
new government which Washington is imposing on Iraq today.


What's next? Will we soon find THE MILITANT providing us
with an expose of Micheal Moore's pro-war documentary film,
Fahrenheit 9/11? A faithful reader can only hope. Stay tuned...

Walter Lippmann
Fear & Loathing on the Paint Company's Trail, Incorporated

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