[Marxism] Nader Convention in Oregon a Success

Jack F. Vogel jfv at trane.bluesong.net
Sun Jun 27 03:41:00 MDT 2004

Well, today, as the Green's sealed their fate in
Milwaukee, Nader made a second visit to Portland.
This time with a bit better preparation and 
planning, and I am pleased to say it was a 
success :)

We still had the pathetic ABB protesters outside,
being consistently taunted or ignored I might add,
but we had a full house this time. The convention
was declared, Nader/Camejo was nominated, and the
petitions were signed.

I was told there were over 1200 registered
voters attending, so hopefully its enough to cover
whatever margin of errors. As I looked across the
assembly it was interesting how diverse it was,
from young to old, the cadre of volunteers were
also much younger this time, and larger.

Nader told the crowd that the Democrats are working
overtime to attack the campaign, something they
should all be ashamed of, the supposed party of
'democracy' fighting against freedom of choice
and expression in this society.

He also told the assembly that years from now, 
when we have built a strong populist movement
we will look back to see its beginning today
in Portland, OR  (well, maybe its schmaltzy,
but sure made a better day that cobb and his
cronies :)



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