[Marxism] Nader

Erik Toren ectoren at hiline.net
Sun Jun 27 08:23:39 MDT 2004


And to add to your answer, Mark, at all levels, but specially at the 
local/county level, whoever has money owns the party (or as I call it, 
franchise). You need a good amount of money to travel to conventions, state 
meetings, publicity, office space, etc. Since there is no "membership" that 
"owns" the party, i.e., bring in funds, the business persons that decide to 
get into politics end up being the party machinery.

por el socialismo,
Erik Torén

At 02:28 AM 6/27/04, Mark Lause wrote:
>The short answer is that American parties are very different than those
>you have in Britain or Europe generally.  American parties are "caucus
>parties" run by officeholders, and for which citizens can vote but don't
>really have membership, as you would in "branch parties."

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