[Marxism] Nader

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Jun 27 08:47:17 MDT 2004

Mark Lause wrote:
> The short answer is that American parties are very different than those
> you have in Britain or Europe generally.  American parties are "caucus
> parties" run by officeholders, and for which citizens can vote but don't
> really have membership, as you would in "branch parties."

And that caucus can get pretty self-protective. In the '88 primary here
(Jan & I had initiated the Jackson campaign locally) I cast a write-in
vote for myself as the Precinct Committee person. I went to maybe half a
dozen meetings of the County Democratic Committee. In 1990 suddenly
there was a rule change. No write-in votes without a nominating petition
with at least 10 signatures. Little things like that add up to a very
sticky party structure. (This is a Republican district; the local DP is
sort of a private club run by the Laborers Union.)


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