[Marxism] Eviscerated Greens...sad news

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jun 27 10:06:27 MDT 2004

>>Not just castrated, not just disemboweled (sp?), the green's 
majority is fast becoming an annex of the Dem party (if it was not one 
all along).<<  

[To my comments above, José wrote:]
I don't think it's that simple. The "green majority" is for Nader.
People voting for Kerry are very unlikely to self-identify as Greens.
The *whole point* of the Greens is to not be forced into choices like
that between Bush and Kerry. Those who TODAY are ABB also 
think 2000 was a mistake. 

[and Mark wrote:] 
[...] Cobb will lead those Greens he can to the Democrats...and they 
have left the rest of us to coalesce what we can around Nader, who 
will get the lion's share of the division and more.  There will be nothing 
national left of the old Green organization.  

The dustbin of history, indeed....

I guess we'll find out whether the "green majority" vote goes to the 
Nader-Camejo ticket in November but I do know self-identified 
Greens who do not buy the spoiler syndrome at all and yet srtongly  
advocate a vote for Kerry (or more precisely a vote *against* Bush) 
and while my experience of American politics remains limited I 
wonder how the Green coalition can manage to put the pieces back 
together later on, leading the division to further marginalization.

I said in a past discussion, if memory serves, that I considered the 
Green coalition as a vehicle toward the formation of a third party. I'm 
afraid the vehicle is in need of a good auto-mechanic...

Anyway, thank you both for your input.


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