[Marxism] Proceso, Peronists, and Arg-Perú links

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Jun 27 13:58:05 MDT 2004

Almost nine out of ten murdered during the 1976-83 regime were 

Are these the "fascists"?

You should learn your facts before you give non-European examples, 
dear Jurriaan.

On the other side, I think that the posting by cde. Fajardo is quite 

I would only correct _one_ point, which is that of Arg-Peru 
friendship due to common enmity with Chile.

This is somehow true, but not the essence of the issue.

People who are interested in this issue might profitably read some of 
the postings on the Reconquista Popular mailing list, on this server, 
where the question of South American unity is always hot.

But I wanted to point out something that may be missed if you keep 
the image that Juan F. gives.

There is _another_, and somehow _stronger_, link between Arg and 
Peru: their common participation in the struggle of liberation during 
the 1810-1825 period.  We actually share heroes.  San Martín is as 
worshipped in Peru as he is in Argentina (in a sense, maybe even 
more).  Gral. Necochea, a most important Argentinean warrior of the 
Independence wars is also a Peruvian hero, and is buried there (I 
live a couple of blocks off Necochea street in Buenos Aires, BTW).  
Gral. L. F. Unanue, one of the introductors of modern medicine in 
Argentina, was a Peruvian who after fighting under the orders of San 
Martín settled in the Buenos Aires Province frontier area, and was a 
very good Federal during the Federal-Unitarian struggle (Unitarians 
were the local agents of British interest).

And so on. There are many more links, for example the popular music 
(folklore) in the Arg. Northwest.  Our most "Argentinean" genre, the 
zamba (not to be confused with Brazilian samba) is nothing else than 
a variation of the Peruvian "marinera".

During our first war of national liberation, the war that was waged 
by Bolívar, O'Higgins, Sucre, Abreu e Lima and San Martín, together 
with many others (Artigas, blocked by the Buenos Aires oligarchs, 
could not join forces, but there he was;  Güemes was murdered by 
Spaniards due to a conspiration of the upper classes of Salta, and 
Gral. Arenales [one of many _Spanish_ born revolutionaries of 
1810!!!!!!!!] could never reach his brethren in the High Peru, 
whither he was going to march after taking Santa Cruz de la Sierra)

I could go on for hours.

But there is lots more than mutual rivalry and equilibrium of forces 
in the interest of imperialists that joins South Americans.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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Buenos Aires, 1822
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