[Marxism] Proceso, Peronists, and Arg-Perú links

Juan Fajardo fajardos at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jun 27 16:16:22 MDT 2004

> There is _another_, and somehow _stronger_, link between Arg and 
> Peru: their common participation in the struggle of liberation during 
> the 1810-1825 period.  We actually share heroes.  

As always, Nestor's continental view leaves me almost speechless.  He 
is, of course, correct in his observations and I thank him for them.

 > Gral. Necochea, a most important Argentinean warrior of the
 > Independence wars is also a Peruvian hero, and is buried there (I
 > live a couple of blocks off Necochea street in Buenos Aires, BTW).

Coincidentally, my childhood home in Lima was a couple of blocks away 
from a monument to Necochea.

- Juan

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