[Marxism] Some doubts from an outsider about theNader-Camejoticket

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jun 27 16:39:38 MDT 2004

Johannes Schneider wrote:
> But what is the 'reality' of the Nader-Camejo campaign: at best building 
> a  nicer bourgeois party.

No decisive segment of the American bourgeoisie will ever back such a 

> Why should Marxists participate in such an 
> effort? 

Because we need to challenge the Democrats and Republicans on the war in 
Iraq, first and foremost. Nader and Camejo will be speaking out 
forcefully against the occupation. It is absolutely scandalous that so 
many "leftists" in the USA have fought to prevent that voice from being 
heard. They are renegades as far as I am concerned.

> I am wondering how a successful bourgeois Green party 
> miracolously will  morph into some kind of working class alternative.

It won't. That will come when working people start thinking and acting 
in class terms. At that point, we should throw our weight behind any 
party that reflects that motion. We *are nowhere near that point*.

> Certainly it would be foolish to proclaim a proletarian state in the US  
> today, but those old fashioned Leninists in the WWP, SWP, CP (and 
> others)  they are all doing the 'next' step. Their various concepts may 
> be  seriuosly flawed, but in my eyes they are much more 'real' than the 
> Greens.

The CP supports Kerry. The SWP and the WWP got so few votes in 2000 that 
they registered as zero percent statistically. I don't think it is a bad 
idea that they run. A youth here and there will be won to socialism 
perhaps after hearing one of their candidats. I myself first learned 
about socialism in 1959 from letters written to the local newspaper by a 
longtime member of the SLP who stayed in a bungalow colony during the 
summer. Every little bit helps.

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