[Marxism] Arg-Bra troops to Haitie

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Mon Jun 28 09:46:38 MDT 2004

At first sight, and all things considered, it seems that both govm'ts 
have accepted the assignment in exchange for milder treatment of 
economic issues.

This is not precisely what they have been voted for.

K. has also accepted some other military impositions recently.

At the same time, there _might_ be (please note verb and mode) a 
different interpretation.

During the early years of the Mexican Revolution, the US supported 
arch-traitor Huerta, who had murdered the first President of the 
Revolution, Madero.

This support took the form, among others, of a Marine landing in a 
Mexican port of the Gulf of Mexico (Veracruz?  Don't have data handy 
right now. Tampico?).  But Huerta was destroyed by the Revolution.  
So that the US appeared, suddenly, not as supporters of the 
"legitimate" government, but as what they actually were: reckless 
invaders of other people's land.

In order to provide them with a reasonable way out and return the 
port to Mexicans, a coalition between Argentina, Brazil and Chile 
took place.  This was the origin of the "ABC".

I don't believe that we are in the same situation now.  But, God 
providing, the Brazilian command of the UNO troops (Arg-Bra-Chi-Uru) 
may well sweep the terrain of armed gangs and open up a political 
process where Aristide can return safely and struggle for power 

If this were the final outcome, it would be quite right.  But in 
Argentina, at least, not such mandatory will has been imposed by the 
Congress on the troops.  Which leads to the worst suspicions.

There is a small debate running on Reconquista Popular right now (in 
fact, a debate I am waging almost alone).  It runs around whether 
Menemism can be expurgated from Peronism or, contrarywise, Peronism 
is _also_ Menemism.  I think that the latter is the true position.  
So that one must be very careful when one considers this or that 
Peronist "better", or even "more Peronist" than another one.

Peronism is at a very complex situation, a situation that stresses it 
far beyond what it has been prepared to do.  It would be a surprise 
if under these conditions this party in advanced process of 
decomposition arrived at the "good" solution every time.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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