[Marxism] Re: left electoral alliances in NZ

Ben C minnows at connexus.net.au
Tue Jun 29 06:15:26 MDT 2004

Phil wrote:
We get on fine with the Alliance.  But the reasons for this are not ones
that fit in with the Aussie DSP schemas about NZ.  We get on fine with
the Alliance because we don't have any illusions in them. 

I'm not aware of any DSP schemas about NZ. We get on fine with the 
Alliance, probably for a similar reason, ie because we have no such 
schemas. They seem to be having a go and they (what's left) have 
apparently fallen on the right side of the class fence since 
Afghanistan. Mind you a few years ago when Anderton was still leading I 
know many DSP members would have been far less charitable in their 

Matt McCarten often visited the DSP and was interesting to hear speak. I 
remember he joked that the Alliance had the mass membership and the DSP 
had the cadre, if only both were present in the one country at the same 
time! But I know which I prefer given the choice...

Phil concluded:
The simple reality is that there is no way around the long slog of
building a movement in the working class and, in the absence of class
struggle, what can be built right now is very limited.

There's a lot more happening in Australia, and hopefully things will
move ahead well for you guys there.

Cheers. I hope so too!

Ben C

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