[Marxism] Rice yields crashing due to climate change

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Wed Jun 30 02:56:08 MDT 2004

Rice yields plunging due to balmy nights
10:23 29 June 04	
NewScientist.com news service	
Rice yields are crashing as a result of global warming at twice the rate  
predicted by climate modellers, according to the first “real world”  
experiment on the impact of rising temperatures.

The detailed study of crop yields and temperatures took place on  
long-standing research plots at the International Rice Research Institute  
at Los Banos in the Philippines. The results suggest that global rice  
yields could potentially fall by a catastrophic 50 per cent during this  

The study found that on the Los Banos plots, “the 0.7°C increase in the  
mean daily temperature was associated with a rice yield decrease of 10 per  
cent – substantially greater than previous estimates”, says Kenneth  
Cassman from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and one of the  
research team.


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