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Wed Jun 30 13:25:58 MDT 2004

Not an hour after comparing Ted Glick to Gus Hall, I discover that David 
Cobb's running mate is open to voting for John Kerry:

LaMarche Says She'll Vote for Whoever Can Beat Bush
by Joshua L Weinstein

AUGUSTA — Pat LaMarche, the Green Party's newly nominated candidate for 
vice president, said Tuesday that her top priority is not winning the 
White House for her party, but ensuring that President Bush is defeated. 
She is, in fact, so determined to see Bush lose that she would not 
commit to voting for herself and her running mate, Texas lawyer David 
Cobb. LaMarche, who won 7 percent of the vote when she was the Green 
Independent candidate for governor of Maine in 1998, said she'll vote 
for whoever has the best chance of beating Bush.

But "if Bush has got 11 percent of the vote in Maine come November 2, I 
can vote for whoever I want," she said in an interview with the Portland 
Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram.

And if the state is, as it is now, a toss-up between Bush and 
presumptive Democratic candidate Sen. John Kerry?

She could well vote for the Democrat.

"I love my country," she said. "Maybe we should ask them that, because 
if (Vice President) Dick Cheney loved his country, he wouldn't be voting 
for himself."

A spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign said the vice president is 
certain to vote for his and Bush's re-election.

Larry Sabato, a political scientist who directs the University of 
Virginia Center for Politics, said, "It's a rare thing, even for a 
splinter party, to have a nominee for vice president indicate she is not 
sure for whom she is going to vote."


Actually, there is a precedent for this sort of sleight-of-hand.

In his autobiography, CP leader Steve Nelson explained how the party 
perfected the tactic now being employed by the Demogreens:

"The fact that the Party [CP] continued to run its own candidates during 
the early New Deal may give the wrong impression of our attitude toward 
the Democratic Party. We supported pro-New Deal candidates and ran our 
own people largely for propaganda purposes....

"Earl Browder’s campaign that same year [1936] demonstrates how we ran 
our own candidates but still supported the New Deal. His motto and the 
whole tone of his campaign was 'Defeat Landon [the Republican] at All 
Costs.' In this way he sought to give critical support to FDR. We wanted 
to work with the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and to achieve a 
certain amount of legitimacy as a party of the Left. We held a rally for 
Browder in the Wilkes-Barre [Pennsylvania] armory, which held over three 
thousand people, and the place was jammed. Many in the audience were 
rank and file Democrats. We didn’t get their votes on election day, but 
that’s not what counted to us. They were coming to recognize us as friends.

"For years there had been essentially no difference between Democrats 
and Republicans: both had represented the interests of the coal 
companies. Now there was a feeling that Roosevelt was doing something to 
relieve the problem of unemployment, and that signified a real change. 
People identified with the government as basically pro-labor. We had no 
illusions. The Democrats were still a capitalist party, but they were an 
alternative to the Republicans and were delivering the Wagner Act, 
Social Security, unemployment insurance, public works, and other badly 
needed reforms."

—Steve Nelson: American Radical


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