[Marxism] Greens launch Maine campaign refusing to ask for votes

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at bellsouth.net
Wed Jun 30 13:55:07 MDT 2004

	Channeling the spirit of the late CPUSA leader Earl Browder who
once remarked on the confusion caused by his 1936 presidential election
campaign in support of his "opponent" Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Green
Party v-p choice Pat LaMarche launched her campaign in her home state of
Maine by pointedly refusing to call on people to vote for her or running
mate David Cobb.

	"It's up to each person to decide whether a vote for Democrat
John Kerry would be the best way to defeat Bush," is how the Kennebec
Journal described her position.

	"Bush has the potential to cause irreparable, permanent and
incredible damage," she told that paper. "And if I can make that message
constantly, clearly and succinctly, and people go out and do what they
think is best, then that's the best I can do."

	Apparently asked under what conditions she might consider voting
for herself, LaMarche responded: "If Bush has got 11 percent of the vote
in Maine come November second, I can vote for whoever I want."

	According to the Portland Press Herald, "She is, in fact, so
determined to see Bush lose that she would not commit to voting for
herself and her running mate, Texas lawyer David Cobb." 

	This report indicates that for LaMarche, the most important
issue of all is "making sure that George Bush is no longer president of
the United States."

	"A spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign said the vice
president is certain to vote for his and Bush's re-election," the
Press-Herald reporter noted dryly.

	"Larry Sabato, a political scientist who directs the University
of Virginia Center for Politics, said, 'It's a rare thing, even for a
splinter party, to have a nominee for vice president indicate she is not
sure for whom she is going to vote.'"


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