[Marxism] Iraqi Unions' statement on the opposition of Korean Trade Unions to war

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Wed Jun 30 16:19:55 MDT 2004

Statement of UUI and FWCUI regarding the Opposition of Korean Trade Unions to the Deployment of more Korean troops in Iraq 

Dear Friends in Korea, 
Dear Friends in KCTU and Labor Unions at Korean Air and Asiana Airlines: 

The Workers in Iraq welcome the opposition of Korean Trade Unions to the plan of the Korean Government to dispatch more troops in Iraq. 

The labor unions of the nation's two airliners, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, declared Thursday June 24 2004 that they refuse to transport anything related to the troop dispatch to Iraq, including Korean soldiers to be stationed in Iraq along with armor and related equipment. 

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) demanded on June 23rd 2004 cancellation of the plans to dispatch troops to Iraq, as one of its main demands for the first half of this year, in order to avoid sacrifice of further lives. We demand that the Korean government not play puppet to the foreign policies of the U.S. and that it take a firm stance against it, and that it protect the rights and the lives of its citizens. 

War and occupation of Iraq diverted the Iraqi society toward instability, chaos and battle fields of a terrorist conflict between political Islam and U.S. -led coalition. In short, untold misery and suffering have been imposed on the people of Iraq. The U.S. government has placed Iraq on the verge of total collapse and within arm's reach of dreadful scenarios like, civil war, religious sectarianism, ethnic cleansing, and tribalism. The invasion of Iraq brought terrorism not only to the people of Iraq but also on the global scale. 

Democracies, freedom of Iraqi People from the fascist government of Iraq, etc., were only war propaganda. Iraq War was one of the steps of USA to establish its New World Order and to implement its hegemony and Dominance over the World. At the same time, the political Islamic groups in Iraq have transferred Iraq to a battle field of their terrorist actions. Terrorism, insecurity and violence against the human rights, labour rights and women's rights are the prominent features and part of the daily lives of the people of Iraq. 

The people of Iraq became the victims of the war of terrorists -- both state terrorism of USA and Islamic terrorism. The workers in Iraq suffered on one side from the aggression of Saddam's regime for 35 years and on the other side from the economic embargo for 13 years, war and occupation of USA- led coalition on Iraq. 

Last year on February 15, millions of people and workers worldwide opposed the war on Iraq and demanded to stop the aggression and war crimes of USA government to launch war on Iraq. Thousands of trade unions and workers' organisations, along with freedom-loving people, protested until now against the occupation in Iraq and demanded immediate withdrawal of the occupying troops from Iraq. 

We the independent labour unions in Iraq have launched an international campaign to end the occupation and for labour rights in Iraq since March 2004 and until now labour leaders and unions from more than 40 countries have supported the demands of this campaign and an appeal presented by us to the ILO for full implementation of ILO conventions Nos. 87 and 98 in Iraq confronting the oppressive steps of the US- civil administration and Iraqi Governing council in violating the labour rights in Iraq. 

The UUI is a genuine representative of unemployed workers. The UUI, along with the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq-FWCUI , is striving to end the occupation in Iraq and pressing all governments who sent troops to Iraq to withdraw them from Iraq, struggling for a secular government, for political freedoms, for improvement in the security situation in Iraq, for improvement in the living conditions of Iraqi people and put forward a democratic labour law as alternative labour legislation which guarantee unconditional freedom for Iraqi Workers to organise and strike and full implementation of the ILO conventions in Iraq. 

We hope that you will be successful in preventing intervention and military involvement of the Korean Government in Iraq because the result of all these Conflicts are only more bloodsheds of the millions of innocent people in the war of Terrorists, and we express our full solidarity in your actions against the deployment of Korean troops to Iraq and for withdrawal of not only Korean troops but also all occupying troops from Iraq. 

We call all labour organisations and Unions worldwide and especially in USA and UK to join this action of Korean trade unions to end the occupation in Iraq and for immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq and for a better future for Iraqi society and the working people of Iraq. 

Long live freedom and equality. 
Long live Willpower of the Labour Movement 

Aso Jabbar, 
International Affairs Coordinator

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