[Marxism] Socialist Worker on Nader: "an antiwar, anti-corporate, pro-worker candidate."

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at bellsouth.net
Wed Jun 30 19:54:35 MDT 2004

	One of the best, most political accounts of the recently
concluded Green Party convention in Milwaukee appears on the Socialist
Worker web site. Socialist Worker is the newspaper of the International
Socialists Organization, one of the largest revolutionary socialist
groups in the United States.

	It is by Alan Maass, who as regular readers of this list
interested in the U.S. elections might remember, took up in a frank and
fraternal way some critical comments I had made of an earlier Socialist
Worker editorial where those comrades expressed misgivings about Nader's

	The new Maass article is especially useful in bringing together
and giving an overview of the anti-Nader campaign that has been waged by
a section of the green party, those Louis, I and others have dubbed the
demogreens. It is increasingly clear represent the same sort of
political current as the dominant "realo" faction in Germany that's done
so much to discredit the very name Green Party.

	It also presents the Green Left's basic disagreements with the
process leading up to this convention.

	But most of all, it gives a clear vision that this was not a
Cobb versus Nader choice, but really a Nader versus Kerry choice, and at
bottom, what pushed the Cobb campaign forward was pressure from the
Democrats and the tendency of a wing of the Green Party to adapt to it.

	Very much worth reading the whole thing here:



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