[Marxism] We can no longer allow a few extremists to continue manipulating us

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Mon Mar 1 17:05:45 MST 2004

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VHeadline.com guest commentarist Einnoc Lebrac writes: There are people
in the barrios who support the opposition ... but is the opposition
capable of identifying these supporters? I do not think so; it seems to
me that for the opposition “People who live in barrios are Chavistas,
and all who live in rich areas oppose Chavez."

There is a new growing fear out there ... rich kids don’t work in
restaurants and stores, people from the barrios do.  Some opposition
people are spreading a new paranoia about this ... “are we sure the
coffee and the meal we are being served at our favorite restaurant in
Las Mercedes, is really safe?”

What is this?  My goodness ... are we going to start fearing the people
we have known for years, based on some rumors? Are we losing our minds?
Can the human brain really shut down and stop discerning?

*	Venezuelans who oppose the process of change taking place in
Venezuela ... please try a bit harder ... think, ponder ... you can do
it.  Just because you oppose the President and others support him does
not mean they are out to kill you. 

I was flying from Atlanta in the US to Montreal in Canada soon after
9/11 and I witnessed this: Several US people refused to board the plane
because there was a man with his family boarding the same plane and the
man was wearing a turban ... as if of a collective mind, they believed
what the media was making them believe through subliminal messages
“muslims are terrorists, muslims wear turbans ... then turban wearing
persons are terrorists.”

Just like the recent commentaries from a university professor by the
name of Victor Garcia Crespo, who thinks that because Chavez calls some
opposition people “terrorists” because of their actions against our
nation, then that makes him a “terrorist.”

It seems to me that suddenly, some Venezuelans are no longer thinking
individuals, they do not recognize their neighbors any more ... some are
just part of a collective brain that tells them what to accept and what
to reject. 

I received some emails, some of them showing absolutely no argument for
analysis or discussion.  Some just said: “if you are against the Empire,
go to Cuba and marry Fidel Castro”; another just said “damned Cubans,”
and so on and so forth.

*	How they get to these conclusions, or why my letter triggered
this type of response is beyond me. 

I have been reading lately, about many aspects of the current world
order and the direction it seems to be taking, and realize that for some
Venezuelans there seem to be only two ways to the future: one with
Chavez and the other without Chavez; the first one, which the opposition
translates into “Communism” and the second one, which to them seem to
mean “Acceptance of the US policies no matter the cost to our nation”
since opposition “leaders” do not seem to have any plans of their own. 

I believe the level of ignorance of some of the people who support
“opposition” is just pathetic ... rather sad. Without much analysis, I
would dare to say that they are not sure of what exactly is it they are
in favor, but it seems that they “know” that for some reason Cuban
people are bad because they live in Cuba, and in Cuba there is a bad guy
whose name is Fidel Castro, and for some odd reason they believe Chavez
wants to give our country to Castro.

Therefore, they do not see any good being done in Venezuela ... they do
not see the railway work, the education programs implemented or the
wellness that the different Missions will bring to the country as a
whole because of many people benefiting from accessible education and
healthcare ... all they are told to believe is that Chavez is bad and
that he must be hated. 

Venezuelans, please try to answer these questions, not for me or anybody
else, but for yourselves: 

*	What exactly is wrong with what President Chavez is doing? 
*	Why are private TV stations not showing any images of the March
*	What exactly are you afraid of? 
*	Why do you think Venezuela will become communist? What is
communism? Capitalism? Socialism? 

Did you know that countries like Sweden, Norway, England, France, Canada
and others have some socialist structure, although their economies are
somewhat capitalist and have nothing to do with communism? 

The way I see it. The fact that one thinks communism is “bad,” does not
mean that capitalism is the ultimate “good.”

What if we looked beyond these two EXTREMEs? 

What I am suggesting is a different, modern and more human ground, not
communist, not capitalist; and in the process why not see a middle
ground between “Chavez-loving Venezuelans and Chavez-hating
Venezuelans.” What if we became Venezuela-Loving Venezuelans? Why this
destruction by the hands of the opposition? Why this aggression against
other Venezuelans that were marching peacefully? 

We can no longer allow a few extremists to continue manipulating us;
daughters and sons of the same NATION into keeping on behaving as
warring tribes. Violence must stop being our way to express ourselves. 

I saw images of the march in Caracas, and my heart is filled with
Venezuelan pride; I wish I could have been there in Caracas. So many
people, so civilized, everybody chanting and marching to the rhythm of
music, showing the whole world that “Venezuela is to be respected”
(motto of the march). Their chants were in support of President Chavez
and against US intrusion in our sovereign democratic country.

This is a good opportunity for reflection: We, Venezuelans were, are,
and will be Venezuelans before, during and after Chavez... we are not
enemies of our own neighbors...We are “opposition” supporters, or Chavez
supporters, but above all, We are VENEZUELA! 

Einnoc Lebrac
venezuelanoestuya at yahoo.com <mailto:venezuelanoestuya at yahoo.com> 

For those of you out there who get so upset at me, please before you
write your insults, may I ask you to please breath deeply for 15
seconds, and ask yourselves: “Do I become a better person when insulting
others that are expressing themselves?, Why do I want to insult this
person? Why not accept that people have the right to think, feel and
write about it?“

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