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Scandals on the good (sponsor)ship Martin.

from March 1 , 2004 SevenOaksMag.com
by Derrick O'Keefe

The Steamship Paul Martin is taking on water. The political machine that 
seemed so unsinkable just last fall is now in a full-blown crisis, with 
sections of Canada’s ruling elite already jumping ship, opting for the 
captain-less and re-christened Conservative Party of Canada. The sponsorship 
scandal, however, should be understood as only the tip of the 
corporate-corruption iceberg in Canadian politics.

Paul Martin has been dubbed Canada’s CEO, and the label should stick like 
crazy glue. Simply put, the man has an evangelical belief that the Canadian 
state ought to be a state of the corporations, by the corporations, and for 
the corporations. The new prime minister’s response to a couple of earlier 
scandals-that-ought-to-have-been illustrates the point quite clearly.

In December, it was revealed that between 1995 and 2002, then finance 
minister Martin had taken five trips abroad on private jets owned by some of 
the country’s business elite.

The excursions were mostly for private vacations. For instance, in 2002, he 
and billionaire buddy Wallace McCain -- of super fries fame and fortune -- 
jetted down to the Caribbean for some golf and some rays. When confronted 
about the trips, a confident Martin flatly stated, “I fully intend to take 
holidays with my friends.” Indeed, conflict of interest guidelines provided 
a loophole, as government ministers are not allowed to accept gifts of over 
$200 value, unless they are from “close personal friends.” Well, the 
personal is indeed political, and it was these close friends that reaped the 
benefits of Martin’s budget-slashing years as finance minister. No scandal 
here, though, as the vacation revelations soon faded from the news.

Full: www.sevenoaksmag.com/commentary/02_martin.html

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