[Marxism] Reply to Jeff Rubard on porn, sex and Marx

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Tue Mar 2 07:50:49 MST 2004

> I would suspect that white males disproportionately consume everything
> on the marketplace beyond barest necessities.
> Best,
> Mark

> In dollar terms, yes. But who says that consumption must always occur
> via the market ?
> J.

> If we mean "consumption" in some sense other than economic, there's no
> reason it has to be by the market, but anything to which a price can be
> attached, legally or not, becomes marketable, no?
> Best,
> Mark

Haha. "Economic" does not mean "commercial", that is a bourgeois ideology
reflecting what is regarded as "economic" under capitalist conditions.
Neoclassical economics tends to reduce economic relations to (imputed) price
relations or tries to express economic relations in price terms for the
purpose of economic evaluation. For Marx, all human economics reduces to the
economising or allocation of human work-time. This means, that for Marx the
expenditure of energy and time by human beings as social beings is the true
central vantage point of economic science; we do not exist for the economy,
the economy exists for us. Bourgeois economics portrays the working class as
an abstract labour force. For Marx, the working class is the active subject
which creates and sustains the economy.


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