[Marxism] Marx, Markets and Meatgrinders: An Interview with Bertell Ollman

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  Bertell Ollman is a professor of political science at New York University. 
He worked in the middle 1960s as an adviser to the Michael Manly government in 
Jamaica. He invented the board game Class Struggle. He is the author of 
numerous books on Marxism, most recently, How to Take and Exam.and Remake the 
World, Ballbuster?: True Confessions of a
Marxist Businessman, and Dance of the Dialectic: Steps in Marxist Methods. 



What did you eat this morning? Very impressive interview. "Dance to the 
Dialectic" is available at Amazon.com but I am going to a local bookstore to pick 
this up and examine it, along with "Ballbuster." :-) 

I of course have little interest or patience for conceptional frameworks 
amongst American Marxists and expositions of dialectics devoid of the language 
structures of various sectors of our class compelled to engage the state. 
Everything is interesting and important but some things are more important than 

In the interview Ollman's "take" on the "ecology" movement made me smile. His 
insistence on complexity in living motion is brutal common sense. Everyone is 
racing to catch the rising wave. Two home runs in one day.

"Where my Hustlers at?"

"Where my boosters at?" 

"Where my surfers at?" 


Melvin P. 

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