[Marxism] The Militant: "No indication" of US involvement in Haitian uprising?!?!

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 2 12:24:55 MST 2004

Vol. 68/No. 9           
March 8, 2004  

There is no indication that Washington 
engineered the current military uprising.
The Aristide administration, a bourgeois nationalist regime
that has relied time and again on imperialist benevolence
and goon-like police violence against opponents, has helped
lead working people once again to the wall. A victory by
the rightist insurgents would be a big defeat for Haitian
toilers. But working people in Haiti, or any other country
for that matter, can't look for a solution to the
imperialist masters who bankrolled and propped up their
henchmen over decades in the past. Only through the
independent organization of working people into a
proletarian party that can lead workers and peasants to
carry out a successful social revolution will the toiling
masses of Haiti rid themselves once and for all of the
Tonton Macoutes-and all their modern incarnations dressed
up as liberators or democrats or even socialists-along with
the domination by their imperialist masters. In doing this
they would be emulating the course taken by the workers and
farmers of neighboring Cuba, who ousted the U.S.-backed
Batista tyranny 45 years ago, ended imperialist domination,
and opened the door to the socialist revolution in the
Americas. http://www.themilitant.com/2004/6809/680920.html    

"Aristide government agrees to imperialist intervention"

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