[Marxism] HAITI pair: 1 analysis & 1 headline

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 2 13:17:13 MST 2004

A couple of goodies from The Guardian:

Why they had to crush Aristide 
Haiti's elected leader was regarded as a threat by France and the US 

[this one's headline is it's best line:]
Haitian rebels in capital  after US troops pave way 
[get the connection?]
Powell rejects ousted leader's abduction allegation president's kidnap
claim [what?]

Most amusing comment: 
"Mr Powell dismissed claims of
WHATEVER!  He's liar!
He's Mr. WMD at the UN, remember?
See his face and shout: "Shut UP!"
Or Bush or Rummy or Condi or that new McAri Fleisher with hair--
They are all so utterly NOT believable.

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