[Marxism] Whale Rider

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Tue Mar 2 13:29:33 MST 2004

Considering all the hype surrounding "Lord of the Rings", one might have

missed another New Zealand export that is now available in DVD/Video and

whose 13 year old star was nominated as Best Actress in 2004. I am 
speaking of "Whale Rider", a Maori coming of age story with a twist--in 
this case the protagonist is a teenage girl rather than a boy.

This is a wonderful movie and my own daughter, going through some of the
same stuff learning traditional Blackfoot Ways, was truly inspired by
it. She saw the parallels immediately.

Another contribution of the Maori was through diet. Mark Jones and I
used to discuss his medical condition and treatments and I had found out
that various forms of cancer are virtually unkown among the traditional
Maori. The thinking is that it is primarily due to their traditional
diet heavy in green-lipped mussels. I sent Mark some literature on this
and soon after he would write to me about his new diet that included
green-lipped mussels. I can't but help thinking that this extended his
life somewhat and of course gave all of us on the lists some more
intellectual soul food from Mark.

Jim C.

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