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> Thanks for that Wash.Post piece, Marv.  When I called up the "print
> version" page, an advert appeared alongside, for Lockheed Martin, with
> never forget who we're working for."  Sheesh!  I bet!  And who would
> that be?

Whoever, I suppose.

> I must provide that last bits of that report, with some comments in situ
> and at the end:

That is not a "location", there is some place to go; doing dissemination --
don't provide me with bad blimey.

> [Rebel terrorist leader] Philippe told reporters Monday that "when the
> government is formed, as promised we will lay down our weapons."  [that
> is NOT what he promised.  He promised to lay them down as soon as
> Aristide vacated office.]
> [clip]
> At a police station near the National Palace, reporters asked Louis
> Jodel Chamblain, a former death squad leader who is now a top rebel
> leader, if he intended to take control of a reconstituted army.  "That's
> my secret," he said with a smile.
> {Is that ominous enough for you?}

Yes.  Is it a singleton?  Are you a visual artist?  Is this a reasoned
chain of argumentation?  Mightn't that be important?

> {Do the bosses in DC really think
>  we believe they're so naïve?
>  That they "had no idea" ? }
Who are these bosses?  Who are "we"?  Are you perchance checking some
theoretical concept here rather than properly employing it?  This is an
political strategy I'm none too fond of, actually.


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