[Marxism] Re: Peace in Haiti: Pax Americana (class)

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 2 16:14:37 MST 2004

No sweat, David.
A more nuanced and detailed examination of devlopments would show how
imperialist interests did attempt to drive a wedge between Aristide and
the masses, and circumstances provoked by anti-Aristidists were indeed
successful in doing so in a number of instances, notably during the
Rémy-Cointreau orange strike.

Sometimes people wonder why, if slavery was so bad, why didn't they just
revolt and overthrow their masters.  So we should look into the cases
often ignored by mainstream accounts of general US History, and,
especially, bring up the Haitian example of 1803.  

Looked at another way, however, the force of violence monopolized by the
slave economy was quite effective.  Escape was difficult, sure, but
imagine if you were in a room, like a classroom, with thirty or so
others, and a lunatic walked in with an Uzi.  Would you dis that guy
with the gun?

Point: the imperialists have the monopoly of violence.  They made this
coup happen.

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