[Marxism] M.H. Lagarde: My buddy from Yuma (Jon Hillson)

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Tue Mar 2 17:09:57 MST 2004


  What is your view of Hillson's defense of The Militant's position on
the rescue of Elian?

  I just did a google search on Hillson of The Militant's site, and must
say I was surprised by Jon and Fred Feldman's letters.

Jon Flanders

Superb editorial

I had waiting for me on an e-group's site a letter Karen Wald sent from
Cuba denouncing the Militant's article on the erroneous call for
"federal troops to Miami." In case you hadn't also seen the forwarded
message, in which Wald offers encouragement and advice to Attorney
General Reno on how to conduct a raid, I'm attaching it for your
information. [See next letter.]

The Militant's articles and editorial on the raid, in defense of the
Cuban revolution, and all related issues are superb. They should be seen
as a source of appreciative study by all those who seek political
clarity and the most effective way to stand up to the imperialist
regime, defend the Cuban revolution, and advance the interests of the
working class. Thank you. 
Jon Hillson
Los Angeles, California 

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