[Marxism] Passion: Regular or Decaf? By Slavoj Zizek

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Could we please get a follow up on any further comments by Slavoj Zizek on
the "Passion" controversy. Thank you.

- Zivko Vukolaj

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> from in these times.
> Passion: Regular or Decaf?
> By Slavoj Zizek | 2.27.04 print | email | comment
> Those who virulently criticized Mel Gibson's The Passion even before its
> release seem unassailable: Are they not justified to worry that the film,
> made by a fanatic Catholic known for occasional anti-Semitic outbursts,
> ignite anti-Semitic sentiments?
> More generally, is The Passion not a manifesto of our own (Western,
> Christian) fundamentalists? Is it then not the duty of every Western
> secularist to reject it, to make it clear that we are not covert racists
> attacking only the fundamentalism of other (Muslim) cultures?
> The Pope's ambiguous reaction to the film is well known: Upon seeing it,
> deeply moved, he muttered "It is as it was"-a statement quickly withdrawn
> the official Vatican speakers. The Pope's spontaneous reaction was thus
> replaced by an "official" neutrality, corrected so as not to hurt anyone.
> This shift, with its politically correct fear that anyone's specific
> religious sensibility may be hurt, exemplifies what is wrong with liberal
> tolerance: Even if the Bible says that the Jewish mob demanded the death
> Christ, one should not stage this scene directly but play it down and
> contextualize it to make it clear that Jews are collectively not to be
> blamed for the Crucifixion. The problem of such a stance is that it merely
> represses aggressive religious passion, which remains smoldering beneath
> surface and, finding no release, gets stronger and stronger.
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