[Marxism] Target Practice

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 2 23:20:06 MST 2004

The capitalists have absolutely no hesitation, 
neither ethical prohibition nor moral restraints, 
about capping their opposition.  

What is happening now in Haiti is not "anarchy."
Have some respect for our anarchist cousins,
as revolutionary anti-capitalists at least.
What is going down in Port-au-Prince is a purge.

The Canadian Special Forces, the French Foreign Legion and the US
Marines might be able to corral Guy Phillippe and his crew in fairly
short order, but they cannot execute civilians.  Guy Phillippe and his
crew can do that.  It's too bad that with all their swagger and hubris
they don't know how despicably they're being used to do the dirty
work--after which they'll be charged with war crimes, um, maybe, as the
goat(s).  And the "mulattos" in their khakis, polo shirts and loafers
can get down to the *business* of running the country.

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