[Marxism] Whale Rider

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Mar 3 01:27:22 MST 2004

"Whale Rider' might not have won anything at the Academy Awards, but it 
has won a heap of best film awards at faiurly prestigious film festivals 
and clocked up tens of millions of dollars at the box office globally, 
making it the most successful-ever completely NZ film.

'Lord of the Rings' was made with American money and all the stars are 
from the US and Britain.

Nevertheless I don't begrudge Peter Jackson his achievement, which is 
pretty spectacular.  He shot the three 'Rings' films simultaneously over 
a two-year period, and produced a film adaptation of an extremely 
difficult book (or set of books) that no-one else had ever done and that 
few would've thought could be done.

And he has remained incredibly down-to-earth and modest, as has his wife 
Fran Walsh who also won three Academy awards for the last 'Rings' film 
(she won Oscars for best picture, best adapted screenplay and best song, 
and is an extremely talented woman).

I much prefer Jackson and the 'Rings' success than that achieved by the 
  only other two films to ever win 11 Oscars, the utterly dreadful 
'Titanic' and the hokum called 'Ben Hur'.

Philip Ferguson

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