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k> But they still have a fly in the ointment in their plan - what are
k> they going to do with Aristide?  I don't see how they can off him now,
k> but how do they keep him from talking to U.S. Congresspeople.

  I understand from news reports that the authorities of the Central  
African Republic have ordered Aristide to stop denouncing the USA from  
their territory, in order not to endanger their relations with the US  

  Some news reports also claim that Aristide is guarded by CAR and  
French military.

  I guess the US and French government would prefer Aristide to be  
dead, but who is to take responsibility for murdering him? All the  
world does know now that he is under custody of the CAR government. I  
don't believe they would like to shoulder that responsibility.

  Maybe they can allow him to fly to South Africa and arrange an  
accident of his plane.

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