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Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Wed Mar 3 11:13:02 MST 2004

Here is a classroom exercise I do illustrating some of the
contradicitons of capitalism. I asked students, which of the two
personality types would you prefer to have--and would likely generate
the most sales and profits--were you a capitalist. They always say
person B. Now which personality type would you prefer to have as a
neighbor in the middle of a flood or which would you prefer to have in a
military unit in combat; they always answer person A. Then we get into
"physical versus social capital formation/accumulation" under
capitalism; atomism/ultra-individualism  versus social awareness/action
Jim C.

Person A
Person B
1.  Able to delay gratification
1. Unable to delay gratification
2.  Unconcerned with Status or Fads
2. Obsessed with Status and Fads
3.  Pays cash only (no frivolous use of credit)
3. Willing to run large debt for immediate gratification
4.  Cooperative in temperament
4. Super competitive
5.  Willing to think of welfare of others
5. Self-absorbed/narcissistic
6.  Motivated by transcendent causes
6. Motivated by self-gratification
7.  Future oriented
7. Present oriented
8.  Non-materialistic/non-acquisitive
8. Ultra-materialistic/acquisitive
9.  Views world holistically
9. Views world in ultra-reductionistic terms
10. Principles and morality govern behavior
10. Narrow and selfish interests govern behavior
11. Extended time horizon in decision making                       11.
Short-term and narrow time horizon in decision making
12. Data/Evidence/Reasoning-based in thought and action      12.
Emotional/Prejudiced/Superficial in thought and action
13. Willing to help without reciprocity
13. Unwilling to help without reciprocity
14. Satisficer
14. Maximizer 
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disturbing to me...(Karl Marx, "Grundrisse")

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