[Marxism] NZ: Labour nazis ban unemployed from 'Whale Rider' town

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Mar 3 13:50:05 MST 2004

In New Zealand the Labour government has just brought in new controls on 
the unemployed.

They are banned from going to live in 260 towns, villages and 
settlements in the country.  Any unemployed person who moves to one of 
the banned places automatically loses their dole.

Among the places that unemployed people are banned from shifting to are 
Whangara, the settlement on the East Coast (of the North Island) where 
'Whale Rider' was set and filmed and Blackball on the West Coast (of the 
South Island) where the Labour Party was founded in 1916.

Needless to say, the National Party (the regular Tory party) has never 
introduced anything vaguely resembling this kind of draconian policy.

On the cheerful side, yesterday was Clubs Day at Canterbury University 
here in Christchurch.  The Anti-Capitalist club signed up 15 new people, 
while the Labour club signed up four!

Sadly, this year our stall was not next to theirs.  Last year, when we 
were next to them, we put a sign on our stall, saying 'Yuppie Party' 
with an arrow pointing to their stall.

Philip Ferguson

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