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Democracy on the Floor

| Shemon Salam |

This article is not about names, academia, or famous people. This 
article is simply about a dream that we had all agreed to fight for, but 
now that dream is faltering. I have woken up from my sleep, away from 
fantasyland where I thought solidarity and integrity were the glue 
between reality and fantasy. This article is about a dream that once was 
and now is being slowly buried in the shadows of academia, stardom, and 
activist personalities.

- (Read full) : http://lefthook.org/History/Salam030304.html

Radical Continuity: An Interview with Paul Buhle

| Derek Seidman |

There is probably no one in the world that knows more about the history 
of American radicalism than Paul Buhle. A former member of Students for 
a Democratic Society and a disciple of CLR James, Buhle founded the 
journal Radical America as well as the Oral History of the American Left 
project. He is the author/editor of nearly thirty books, including: 
/Images of American Radicalism, Marxism in the United States, Radical 
Hollywood: The untold story behind America's favorite movies, The 
Encyclopedia of the American Left, The Immigrant Left in the United 
States, The New Left Revisted, Insurgent Images: The Agitprop Murals of 
//Mike// Alewitz/, and the forthcoming /From the Lower Eastside to 
Hollywood: Jews in American Popular Culture. /

Buhle is currently teaching at Brown University. Left Hook's 
(www.lefthook.org) Derek Seidman recently caught up with him for a short 

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Politics/SeidmanBuhle030304.html> : 

A Night of Inspiration: The Oakland Benefit for Grocery Strikers

| Javier Armas |

Sheldon Curtis, an African-American worker locked out of his Albertsons 
job from the Orange county area, spoke about the hardships of the strike 
on his family and the difficulties of paying for his house, nevertheless 
stressing that he believed his main obligation was to continue fighting 
no matter what.

The microphone was then passed to Gary, who moved the audience to tears 
when he spoke about a conversation he had with his son, who asked if he 
should drop out of college because of the financial problems that arose 
from the strike. Gary then started crying and said the impact of the 
strike has challenged his importance and social role as a father. As 
Gary spoke about the deep psychological effect the strike has had, he 
still exemplified the notion of being firm and militant about continuing 
the strike.

As the mic passed a warm sensitive applause was giving to Gary.

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Ground/Armas030304.html> : 

Hated Victims, Hidden Racism: Palestinian 'Terrorism' and Israeli 
'Democracy' (Part Four of Four)

| M. Junaid Alam|

The expropriated refugees of 1948 did not forget their roots and could 
not be robbed of their strong desire to return home. Living in numerous 
squalid refugee camps in the remaining 22% of Palestine and elsewhere, 
they continued to be the occasional victims of Israeli violence even 
before the 1967 occupation. In 1953, for example, Israeli soldiers 
massacred 53 civilians, including women and children, in retaliation for 
the death of an Israeli family. In 1956, during a brief period of 
regional hostilities between Egypt and Israel, 51 more Palestinians 
within Israel were gunned down while returning home, for unwittingly 
breaking curfew. [31] Some Israeli Palestinians tried to regain their 
land through legal measures; in 1954 the Israeli court granted several 
Catholic Palestinians the right to return home, and the IDF laid out an 
early invitation by bombing and destroying their village shortly 
afterwards-on Christmas day.

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/History/Alam030304.html> : 

Reviews of Paul Buhle's Writings

Seeing that we were lucky enough to score an interview with Paul Buhle 
for this edition of Left Hook, we wanted to point readers towards some 
recent reviews of his books. Below are excerpts from three reviews, with 
links to the full review, covering just a few of Buhle's large and 
diverse body of work. We urge everyone to check out his stuff.

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Reviews/Buhle030304.html> : 


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