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Dr. Sebi is actually a botanist and extreme materialist in his understanding 
of human biology. Perhaps in 1998 my wife and I gather together with him and 
shot an information commercial at a local Detroit black television station. The 
purpose was to spread his revolutionary technique and a series of herbal 
products that cleanse the human body and cure one of dis-ease and the cycle of 
consumption that appears as bourgeois reproduction in the infrastructure. 
Before the commercial components of this endeavor unraveled my wife and I 
were the largest distributors of these products in Michigan. A line of people 
stayed at our front door with a smaller number of clergy men compelled to look 
into the eyes of a communist and be instructed on that, which is the scientific 
depositor of information in the Holy Bible or the most ancient forms of 
materialism. This is primarily what is called the Old Testament. I have no patience 
for the New Testament, because it is devoid of science. 
A fat Minister is a degenerate and huckster. There is a scientifically valid 
reason why all prophets fast and eat very little. There is a reason why 
subsistence farming replenishes the earth and farming on the basis of exchange 
destroys the earth. Nor it is simply a question of eating red meat. Man is a fruit 
eater – with limited vegetation by nature. Now is not the time to unravel the 
mystery of consumption or why man eats that, which is eatable. 
Dr. Sebi encountered his next major barrier in Detroit when he approached the 
Institute for the Treatment of Sickle Cell and gave them the cure for it. Dr. 
Sebi will cure any sickle cell patient that comes to him for free, which 
possesses another series of problems because it takes money to function in 
bourgeois America. That is why we shot the commercial and tried to establish the 
commercial infrastructure. Herb extraction is labor intensive and requires 
Dr. Sebi was flatly told that there was no profit in curing sickle cell and 
to get out of the office. Yet, he remains the only man that can tell the 
American people he has cured aids and not be arrested. 
The basis of Dr. Sebi’s science – not methodology, is contained in the 
writings of Professor Arnold Ehert. Arnold Ehert – an old school Prussian has to 
his credit the longest government supervised and witnessed fast in human 
history. Both men are supreme materialist dialecticians. 
Here are some stories of interest. Muhammad Ali – the fighter, was approached 
with a cure and stated “I have to ask my wife.” He was told any man that 
will not speak for himself and help himself is not worth helping. Teddy 
Pendergrass – once famous leading male singer, was paralyzed from head to toe and 
called for Dr. Sebi. Sebi restored head, arms, and feet movement as well as gave 
the singer the ability to get an erection. Although Teddy had spent half a 
million with the American medical establishment and perhaps a quarter of a million 
with Russian/Soviet doctors he refused to pay Sebi one penny and said, “I do 
not give niggas money.” Needless to say he is still in a wheel chair. 
A certain basketball player was examined by doctors and told he no longer had 
aids – or rather, his aids was undetectable. A businessman from England who 
lost his sight begged for help and promised one million dollars to restore his 
vision. When his vision was restored he asked to purchase and patent the 
herbal formula for 10 million. When he was refused he paid one hundred dollars for 
Dr. Sebi’s work. He was told “you cannot patent life and curing because this 
belongs to humanity.”  
Absolutely anyone can be cured of any disease provided they have not reached 
a point where the electron charge of the cell structure has radically decayed. 
The bourgeoisie knows this. 
Healthy people reproduce on a different curve and the population question 
resolves itself with a radical change in man. 
Michael Jackson is in Aspen being treated by Dr. Sebi and this creates an 
opportunity to talk about what is possible. 
Yes, there is a “Marxist approach” to Dr. Sebi methodology. The problem is 
not technology and science but rather technology and science in the hands of 
men and women suffering from consumption disease. The chemical scientists are 
metaphysicians. The bourgeois property relation reproduces this on a widening 
The Marxists generally pose the question of technology and thermo-dynamics 
incorrectly. The battle cannot be won at this phase of the class struggle. It 
can be archived that it was understood and discussed. 
Melvin P. 

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