[Marxism] Jon Hilson - revolutionaries have contractions

Red Net dwalters at igc.org
Wed Mar 3 16:49:19 MST 2004

Luko, in my view, living in the US, the Cubans made a mistake 
(oh-my-god Walters criticized the Cubans!!). Leftists, even those in 
power, can make mistakes. There was really no basis for such an 
interview. The  Cubans can interview anyone they want, of course, all 
power to them. But it falsely elevates the role of both the SWP and The 
Militant in eyes of the listeners of the program Mary Alice was 
interviewed, as if they, the SWP, have a standing at all on any 
question, which they do not. The 300 members of the SWP represent the 
most isolated section of the US left and workers movement. To project 
the SWP as anything other than this is an error in my opinion. That the 
SWP took a reactionary view on the Elian case only elevates this 
mistake. I'm not saying, nor has anyone here, that the Cubans 'break 
relations' with any group on the left in the US...that's a straw man, 
but that they elevate a group that simply is the most 'rah-rah' about 
the Cuban Revolution doesn't do anything for that revolution, either in 
Cuba or the US.

David Walters

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