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>Geography is the reason. Since the draft was abolished in 1973 in the 
United States, the percentage of recruits to the military from the south 
and west of the country has risen, while the proportion of soldiers from 
the north and north-east has declined. Between 1985 and 2001, according 
to the defence department, the percentage of all recruits from the south 
rose from 34 per cent to 42 per cent. Meanwhile, recruitment from the 
north-east, as a percentage of the whole, has dropped from 22 per cent 
in 1977 to less than 14 per cent in 2001.<

Comment - not a reply

"Geography is the reason." What the hell does that mean? Stop playing. It is 
more complex. Geography means the national colonial question, when anyone 
talks about the North South axis in the American Union. 

The data is good and I am not "dogging." Read the historical literature and 
stop playing. 

I do not dispute anyone's abolitionist credentials. We are abolitionist on 
the side of the proletariat. 

Go back to the results of the overthrow of Reconstruction. Examine the 
imperial invasion force of the Philippines after the turn of the century. No matter 
what the composition of the imperial strike force the cutting edge is the 
troops from the South and deep South. The areas where white chauvinism is 
institutionalized historically. 

Not the areas where the African Americans were criminalized historically. 

This is why the rebellion of Belle - demanding that her man be brought home 
from Iraq, is significant. 

Melvin P. 

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