[Marxism] Jon Hilson - revolutionaries have contractions

stansmith44 stansmith44 at ameritech.net
Wed Mar 3 20:24:39 MST 2004

Cuban roundtables invite a number of guests from different points of view to discuss a subject. It does not elevate some group to invite them to be interviewed for a little while. And think about it, under the circumstances, the SWP was advocating having Elian Gonzalez stay in Miami - how exactly is that position going to elevate the SWP in the eyes of Cubans who watch that Cuban show?  Stan Smith

..... the Cubans made a mistake 
(oh-my-god Walters criticized the Cubans!!). Leftists, even those in 
power, can make mistakes. There was really no basis for such an 
interview. The  Cubans can interview anyone they want, of course, all 
power to them. But it falsely elevates the role of both the SWP and The 
Militant in eyes of the listeners of the program Mary Alice was 
interviewed, as if they, the SWP, have a standing at all on any 
question, which they do not......
David Walters

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