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>For two months, he says he had watched Detroit's murder-rate rise. Citizens 
here were being slain at the same rate as soldiers in Iraq -- about one per 
day. Last
month, two young police officers were also killed and
politicians scurried to create new antiviolence

Mr. Cashman, a parks commissioner in a Detroit suburb, decided to mount his 
own initiative. He and friend John Price, using mops and white paint, defaced a 
city landmark known as "The Fist." The two were arrested and charged with 
malicious destruction of property.<


The "Big Black Fist" in Detroit is part of the legacy of Coleman Young Jr. 

"Da Mayor" did not commission a fist but supported a monument to the "Brown 
Bomber" - Joe Louis. The fist was the artist conception of symbolic Joe Louis. 

I like the fist and over the years - as a Native Detroiter, have witnessed 
the reaction of both blacks and whites to it. Most shake their head in 
amusement. The younger folks of all nationality and color tend to grin and smile. The 
younger whites in the summer - having gotten a couple of beers under their 
belt, tend to laugh their ass off at the fist and like it. 

Some folks like to try and write their name on the fist. The fist is out in 
the open and under a lot of light and you are going to get caught or seen by 

The article from the Wall Street Journal seems balanced, but does not 
adequately grasp the economic crisis in the city or the response to police violence. 
In Detroit the police come under armed assault when they "fuck around the 
wrong way." Everyone already have guns. Various groups of young men - boyz, have 
armaments and on occasion defeat squad cars of police. 

The last incident I recall is when a couple of police cars decided to stop a 
van of young men. The young boyz - that is what they are called, came out of 
the van with everything except a bazooka, spitting Teflon bullets. The police 
in Detroit will kill you. The young boyz wake up every day with the attitude 
"if I am going to be a statistic, may as well get a few of them mutherfuckers." 
Or, "I'm not going out like a sucker." 

Detroit had a thug gangster mentality decades before blacks became a 
majority. Was not the Saint Valentine Day Massacre over on Collingwood and Third? The 
turn of the century Jew boyz did more than play ball. The Irish boyz been the 
Irish boyz before Negroes was invented down south. 

The white boyz today do not play that "white boy shit" and do not use 
expressions like "fighting whiteys." They will tell in a matter of fact manner:

"Put some 'Z' on that 
or do I have to see about dat.?" 

Perhaps, it was inevitable that the blacks in Detroit would go Irish after 
1967. Going into the 1980s the homicide rate in Detroit exceeded that of Ireland 
and thier civil war in the late 1970s and early 1980s. We use to joke about 
this and say, "our survival chances are better in the IRA." 

It comes as no surprise that two young officers were slain. There is no 
telling what the circumstances were. Detroit has a law that requires all police to 
live in the city. Everyone already knows that drugs are run through sections - 
elements, of the police department. This allows some of them to retire from 
"stress" and move to Florida "with dat stack" - bag of money. 

What is clear is that the people of Detroit did not slay the officers. 

Defacing the fist on behalf of the slain officers is a cry for more law and 
order - fascism, something a section of the police has no desire for. Imagine 
taking the subway from the Queens to Manhattan to throw paint on behalf of 
police officers, who already think you are stupid for not being home in bed with 
your wife. 

Nor do these two idiots represent the white workers and their sentiment. 

Michigan has the harshest drug laws in the nation. Metropolitan Detroit and 
the surrounding communities are the most segregated in the nation. 

Mr. Cashman and his smart friend do not need to be sentenced for defacing a 
monument, because the paint can be cleaned off. They do need about 21 days in 
jail for being stupid. You should have been home with your wife having sex. 
Instead you got limousine drivers chasing your dumb ass through the city calling 
911 - the police. 

Americans! We be doing some stupid shit. 

How does one explain something like this to the grandkids. Now your dumb ass 
gonna be on probation and if you are not careful "they" will extend your 
probation so you can keep paying the state money. 

"Me and uncle Fred did a little jail bit in Detroit. It involved a fist."  

"Fighting black people?"

"Yea . . . the fist was black." 

Melvin P. 

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