[Marxism] Re: Aristede says he was kidnapped, US coup stirs outrage (WW)

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  ueber  [Marxism]  Aristede says he was kidnapped, US coup stirs outrage (WW)

WL> (Excellent analysis. Puts responsibility where it belongs
WL> on Washington and not on the Haitian President Aristede.

  If you would only finally resolve to honor the man by writing his  
name correctly, Walter! It hurts how you disfigure Aristide's name.

  And maybe then you could even overcome your wrath against the party  
where you spent your political apprenticeship and realize that the  
recolonization of a country does not depend on the will of the Empire  
alone, but also, and mostly, on the resolve of the people to resist,  
which in turn depends on how far the working people of that country  
were able to produce a materialization of their collective  
consciousness in form of a leadership which can initiate actions to  
keep the unity of the working masses in front of imperialism.

  Cuba did not escape the counterrevolution because the USA desisted  
from the intention to roll back the revolution, but because the  
working people of Cuba have brought forward a leadership which knows  
how to preserve the unity of the nation against the imperialist  

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