[Marxism] Full of sh** Venezuelan ambassador to the UN resigns...

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 4 18:08:09 MST 2004

 from post out of 'principle'...Cites: "lack of human rights" and 
"transparent democratic processes " under Chavez...Pops by CIA 
headquarters to pick up pay check...]


Venezuela's U.N. Ambassador Resigns    
Thu Mar 4, 1:05 PM ET  

By EDITH M. LEDERER, Associated Press Writer 

UNITED NATIONS - Venezuela's U.N. ambassador said Thursday 
he was resigning to protest human rights violations and threats to 
democracy in the South American nation. 

   Milos Alcalay, a career diplomat who has represented his 
country for 30 years, made his announcement at a news 
conference where copies of a letter to Venezuelan Foreign Minister 
Jesus Arnaldo Perez were handed out. 

Alcalay said his diplomatic career has been guided by the 
principles of protecting human rights, operating through a 
transparent democratic process and supporting an open dialogue 
for international diplomacy. 

"Sadly, Venezuela now is operating devoid of these fundamental 
principles, which I still remain intensely committed to. Therefore, it 
is with a heavy heart today that I am resigning from my position," 
he said in his statement. 

Alcalay's resignation came amid opposition protests of the National 
Elections Council's decision to reject a petition for a recall vote 
against President Hugo Chavez. 

On the issue of democracy, the ambassador said he believes the 
arguments set forth by the Elections Council violate "the spirit and 
the purpose" of Venezuela's constitution "and rob Venezuelans of 
the right to effect change through the democratic process." 

He also denounced the Chavez government's human rights record. 

"We've seen army and police repression, unacceptable loss of life, 
disappearance of political leaders and there have been allegations 
of torture," Alcalay said. "A peaceful demonstration of citizens is 
no longer feasible in Venezuela and brutal repression must stop." 

The ambassador warned that "the increasing bipolarization and 
problems we are experiencing at home in Venezuela have 
impacted our relationships around the world." 

"I cannot remain indifferent before the sad events in my country, 
the loss of many lives and the outcry of the Venezuelan people 
whose political and civil rights are under threat," he said. 

The South American nation of 24 million people is torn between 
Venezuelans who say Chavez has become increasingly autocratic 
and those who say he speaks for the poor. 

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