[Marxism] Prez W's Harvard Business Prof reminisces

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 4 23:32:46 MST 2004

Prez W's Harvard Business Prof reminisces

President George Bush and the Gilded Age
By Yoshi Tsurumi (Professor of International Business, Baruch College,
the City University of New York )


Hey, comrades!  There are a lot more socialists than we thought!  See
excerpt below:

At Harvard Business School, thirty years ago, George Bush was a student
of mine.  I still vividly remember him.  In my class, he declared that
"people are poor because they are lazy."  He was opposed to labor
unions, social security, environmental protection, Medicare, and public
schools.  To him, the antitrust watch dog, the Federal Trade Commission,
and the Securities Exchange Commission were unnecessary hindrances to
"free market competition."  To him, Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal was

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