[Marxism] Mexico's Green Party in Context

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 4 23:29:17 MST 2004

The following information relates somewhat to Julio Huato's post last week 
about the Mexican Green Party hotshot caught on camera negotiating bribe 
money.     The PRD is now also caught up in this Mexican ruling class effort 
to discredit challenger parties to the PRI and PAN, who are the Mexican 
elites designated two parties, in the new, and under constuction, Mexican 
Two Party System modelled after the US DP/ RP crap we are all familiar with.

The Leftist types of La Jornada and other PRD circles were leaping at last 
weeks opportunity to join the chorus of condemnation re: the Mexican Greens' 
supposedly unique level of party corruption.     This week they have to sing 
a new tune, since now their beloved PRD has itself come under the same sort 
of attack.     This is all part of a Mexican government effort to deflect 
further media attention from the corruption of Fox and his loyal PRI 
opposition.     And all done prior to the runup to the 2006 elections.     
As usual, the PRD and Mexican Left is caught flatfooted and dazed by elite 
maneuvering within the clownish electoral system there.

So we got this week a one-two punch delivered at the 'Leftist' PRD.     
Taking bribe money by one PRD hack, and gambling by another in Las Vegas.    
  Both filmed by the Fox gang, and turned over to the press.     The Mexican 
Greens are no more corrupt than any other political party in Mexico.    
Though that is damning them with faint praise indeed.

Though there are certainly differences, Mexican politics is so very similar 
in many ways to what goes on constantly in the US.

Tony Abdo

Here is the latest from the AP...

March 4, 2004, 12:12AM
Tape shows Mexican politician getting wad of cash
Associated Press
MEXICO CITY -- A videotape showing a Mexico City politician accepting a 
briefcase full of dollars aired on national television Wednesday, sparking 
the third such political scandal in recent weeks.
Rene Bejarano, leader of the Democratic Revolution Party in Mexico City's 
legislature, said he accepted the money from a businessman as a cash 
donation for the candidacy of a city borough leader. He said he did not 
promise any favors in return.

"I gave that money to the borough leader," Bejarano told television news 
personality Brozo, who dresses as a clown and anchors a morning show. "It 
should be on file as a cash donation. ... I have nothing to hide."

But city electoral authorities said Wednesday there was no record of such a 

Bejarano is a former secretary to popular Mexico City Mayor Andres Manuel 
Lopez Obrador, who all major polls show is the leading presidential 
contender for 2006. It is unclear what effect the scandal would have on his 
leftist party, known by its Spanish initials PRD, which finished third in 
the two previous presidential elections.   The PRD's central committee late 
Wednesday unanimously accepted Bejarano's temporary resignation from the 
party. Bejarano also asked leave from the city legislature, to which he was 
elected after serving as secretary to Mexico City Mayor Andres Manuel 

Federico Doring, a federal congressman from President Vicente Fox's 
conservative National Action Party, released the tape Wednesday. It was 
unclear who filmed it or how National Action obtained it.    The videotape, 
a compilation of at least three tapes, shows Bejarano stuffing stacks of 
bills into a briefcase, his pockets and into a plastic bag.

"April 21, which is today, there is $45,000," the businessman said on the 
tape. "All together, there is $3,877,000."

Bejarano identified the businessman as Carlos Ahumada, a longtime supporter 
of the Democratic Revolution Party and owner of the newspaper El 
Independente.    Federal Attorney General Rafael Macedo de la Concha said 
Ahumada had presented a criminal complaint two weeks ago claiming he had 
been victim of extortion by city officials.    Ahumada did not immediately 
return a phone call seeking comment.

Wednesday's tape was the latest scandal to affect the administration of 
Lopez Obrador, whose personal austerity is part of the appeal that has made 
him the leading contender for president in 2006.    On Monday, the Televisa 
network aired a video of Mexico City Finance Secretary Gustavo Ponce playing 
blackjack and spending lavishly in Las Vegas. Lopez Obrador promptly fired 
Ponce after investigators said he could be connected to an ongoing $3 
million fraud investigation.
Ponce's whereabouts were unknown.

"There are people who can't resist the temptation of power, of money," Lopez 
Obrador said in an interview with Radio Red. "The fact that they are acting 
inappropriately doesn't mean that the mayor is dishonest ... I have nothing 
to be ashamed of."

The mayor is not the only one affected by recent scandals. On Feb. 23, the 
MVS television station aired a video showing Sen. Jorge Emilio Gonzalez, 
leader of the Green Party, offering to speak with officials in the resort 
city of Cancun about a development permit after a businessman offered him $2 
million for help.

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