[Marxism] Googling the Militant

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Thu Mar 4 23:39:23 MST 2004

Green Left Weekly regularly shows up high in Google News, especially on 
Sundays when the latest issue is posted.


Eli Stephens wrote:
> Just went to Google and found the Militant not only linked in the top 
> few stories on events in Venezuela, but even a picture from the Militant 
> of a recent demo there. I wonder what algorithms they use? Anyway, this 
> is certainly not the first time that the left press (I've also seen 
> CounterPunch and Workers World turn up  on their front page) gets linked 
> on Google news' front page. I guess we should be thankful that (at least 
> they say) it's all completely computer-driven with no human intervention.
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