[Marxism] Juarez Killings- Mexico Moves to Stop Police Killings of Women

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Fox has decided that he must finally move against the police corruption in 
Chihuahua before the 2006 presidential campaign gets under way.     The 
continued mass murders of hundreds upon hundreds of young women there has 
severely tarnished his image of being a reformer, or of the  PAN as being 
any sort of minimal improvement over the PRI.    So relunctantly, Fox has 
now moved into damge control mode, and finally the government has begun to 
move slowly against the despicable military/ police involvement where so 
many young women were sexually assaulted and tortured to death.

The level of this police corruption and its connection with drug 
trafficking, labor trafficking, and the trafficking of women into 
prostitution  underlines the severity of the 'Colombianization' of Mexico.   
   All this driven by the insane US Drug War and criminalization of the US 
poor and minorities at home within the US.

Here are two articles about the current move against the Chihuahua police 
Inquiry indicates police, drug ties
Disturbing reports say women were tortured and slain as celebration
March 1, 2004

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico – An organized group of state and local police 
officers known here as La Línea – The Line – is the target of an expanding 
Mexican federal investigation into the killings of scores of local women 
over the last decade.

Informants told authorities at least some of the women appeared to have been 
abducted, raped and killed to "celebrate" successful drug runs.

U.S. and Mexican officials said they believe at least 20 officers in the 
Chihuahua state and Ciudad Juárez police departments double as enforcers and 
traffickers for the Juárez drug cartel, headed by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, 
Mexico's most powerful – and most wanted – drug kingpin.

The officers being watched by Mexican federal authorities command a broad 
network of smugglers along this stretch of the Mexico/Texas border, Mexican 
investigators said. La Línea's reach is sweeping: from hampering murder 
investigations in which drug smugglers are suspects to participating in the 
abduction, rape, torture and killing of women, the investigators said.

"There have been confounding issues of impunity that can only be explained 
by police corruption, complicity and impunity," said a U.S. law enforcement 
official who spoke on condition of anonymity. "This is an explosive issue 
for Mexico."

Chihuahua state officials have said they will cooperate with federal 
investigators to root out any corruption. That posture represents "proof 
that we will not cover up for anyone," said state Attorney General Jesús 
José Solís.

A former drug dealer familiar with La Línea's activities told The Dallas 
Morning News that he had seen abducted women at drug traffickers' parties.

"Sometimes, when you cross a shipment of drugs to the United States, 
adrenaline is so high that you want to celebrate by killing women," the 
witness said.

He added that because he did not see the women again after the parties, he 
assumed they had been killed.

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and another article about how the Chihuahua police have framed up hundreds 
of innocent people accused with these crimes the police themselves 

A Detour of Justice
Looking for his cousin Neyra, a man finds jail, torture and a forced 
February 24, 2004
By ALFREDO CORCHADO / The Dallas Morning News

CHIHUAHUA CITY, Mexico – A day after Neyra Azucena Cervantes disappeared 
last May, her frantic family turned to a relative, Miguel David Mesa 
Arqueta, for help. He seemed like the right choice. As soon as he arrived 
from his native state of Chiapas, Mr. Mesa went to work raising public 
awareness of the case. He organized families of other missing women to 
occupy highway toll booths and halt traffic – acts of civil disobedience 
like those he orchestrated as an immigrant-rights activist in Los Angeles. 
He lashed out at the state attorney general, accusing him – in a heated 
public exchange – of running an agency "full of corrupt and incompetent 
police officers."

Looking back, Mr. Mesa said he should have known what was coming: On July 
14, just after police said they had discovered the remains of Ms. Cervantes, 
Mr. Mesa was summoned to police headquarters. There, he said, he was 
tortured for nearly 12 hours and forced to confess to killing Ms. Cervantes, 
who was 19 when she disappeared.

Today, Mr. Mesa remains in jail, proclaiming his innocence, a claim 
supported by the victim's family.

"They needed a convenient scapegoat," Mr. Mesa said in an interview inside a 
state prison in Chihuahua City. "And they needed to shut me up. This was 
never about finding justice for Neyra."

Mr. Mesa is one of hundreds of people jailed in connection with the deaths 
of hundreds of women in the border state of Chihuahua. Yet supporters say 
that his arrest, and those of many others accused in the cases, will provide 
no answers for the victims' families and will instead raise more doubts 
about Mexico's much-criticized legal system.

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