[Marxism] Forwarded from Jayson Funke (Soros interview)

Živko Vukolaj zivko_vukolaj at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 5 01:39:02 MST 2004

With regards to George Soros, what is perhaps subversive and dangerous to
the "Bush-Cheney ruling elite", is not at all "democracy, positive
international relations or effective strategies to reduce poverty", but the
extremely vast financial resources of the Open Society Institute.


"Well, he believes in democracy, positive international relations and
effective strategies to reduce poverty, among other things. All of these
concepts are considered highly dangerous and subversive to the
Bush-Cheney ruling elite."

When I first read this, I actually thought it to be a satirical summation of
Soros' supposed "change of heart". It even managed to raise a smile on my
face. That the author should actually take seriously Mr. Soros' protest
against the Bush regime seemed to me as an utterly ridiculous possibility.

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