[Marxism] The Teixeira thesis

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Fri Mar 5 09:19:03 MST 2004

The population of college-educated workers, women, minorities, and young
people who support the Democratic Party is growing quickly, and will
lead it to dominate American politics, argues Ruy Teixeira in the latest
issue of Britain’s Prospect magazine.

Teixeira first propounded the thesis with co-author John Judis in The
Emerging Democratic Majority, which appeared shortly before the US
mid-term elections in 2002 – unfortunate timing, because these saw a
sharp swing to the Republicans. But Teixeira says the election was an
aberration resulting from the effects of 9/11, and a demographic
analysis of the vote still points to the long-term ascendancy of the

In essence, the theory is tied to the transformation of the economy into
one based on services and so-called knowledge industries located in what
Teixeira and Judis call “ideopolises”, as well as continued strong

While these structural trends are real, extrapolating permanent
political realignments is risky at best, since the rise and decline of
political parties is more directly influenced by living standards,
international developments, competing parties, and other changing and
largely unforeseeable historical circumstances.

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